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Lose weight-saude em foco

Lose weight

Every day we live with endless messages about what to eat, what not to eat, tricks and unusual and some dubious practices. However, obesity continues to be a pandemic and the overweight remains a concern for many. And yet every day we are bombarded with news of attempts to find the root of the problem, some worthy of the new discovery of the wheel.
Should I do 7 meals a day
There is no fixed number of meals you should do a day, it depends on the schedule of each as well as energy and nutritional needs.
Try eating every 2:30-three and a half hours to optimize the control of appetite and the control of blood sugar levels, however you don't need to eat every 2:00 or 3:00, its success does not depend on that particular detail.
However, do the snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon should not constitute a factor of stress for you. If all you can eat each 4:00, is fully enough as long as it makes good food choices.
To lose weight, should I cut in carbohydrates and fats
As we explained in this article, the weight loss depends crucially on caloric deficit and not exactly the ratio of macronutrients. So it makes no sense to cut down on carbohydrates and hyperproteic diet, if not in caloric deficit won't be able to lose weight.
Hyperprotein diets as the Dukan diets are easy to follow because eliminating the source of temptation, discipline is greater and the results appear. In addition, the protein is quite satisfying helping control appetite which in itself contributes to the calorie control.
Can (and should) use light/integral/diet foods
For the same reason, it doesn't make sense absolutely bet solely on light products, etc. Everything you need for a healthy weight loss is in the following sections of the supermarket: meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, some frozen, "traditional" grocery and this add water, dairy, herbs and spices to taste.
The best advice we can give is precisely to avoid processed products, processed and packaged with the label of "healthy". What is healthy or needs label, is in its natural state and its unique ingredients are naturally present in food.
Green tea lose weight and fattening bread
If there was a food, a single, that emagrecesse or weight, the overweight would be a reality and we'd all have the body you want. The same applies if you were identified a food, or a list, to contribute directly to the weight gain.
Green tea drink moderately, by their increased benefits not only on health but also on the metabolism. Do not change your water bottle for a green tea because it dilutes much of its properties, drink 1 to 3 cups per day in a snack or a main meal.
About the bread, how can fatten if 100 g of bread, which equals 4 saciantes slices, have only 200-and 100 g of these crackers 300kcal label goldenrod circle at least the 450kcal.
I'm not supposed to eat at night
Picking up normally at the beginning of the calorie deficit, is indifferent to the mealtime. Can be an aspect to optimize but not is crucial to losing weight or not. If your is running, if it makes a few snacks and are insufficient, it is natural to be hungry when you get home, and because I couldn't eat a peaceful, satisfying, tasty and nutritious meal for dinner?
Maybe it is also preferable to dinner than spend the evening all attacking the refrigerator. I've reflected on the times this happened when you ate just soup for dinner?
Design a balanced meal in place to restrict excessively, what matters is the daily total and we talked in this article about how to control this.
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Como combater a dengue-temdetudo24hs

                                        Como combater a  Dengue.

Com todos os problemas que temos atualmente ,ainda vem mais um para nos importunar.Só que esse tornou-se muito  grave e só poderemos nos livrarmos Dele ,nos unindo.Então,eu estou falando da praga que se estende em nosso ambiente ,a tal  da pestilência chamada de mosquito da dengue ,cientificamente denominado , Aedes aegypti.Essa  praga vem alastrando o nosso país como está escrito na Bíblia que nos dias finais haveria pestilências ,e aí está.

A dengue pode atingir brasileiros de todo o pais ,como indica o mapa ao lado .

Ao contrario da maioria dos outros mosquitos ,transmissor da dengue tem hábito de picar as pessoas durante o dia.

O mosquito põe seus ovos em água parada.Assim ,remover e cobrir 
objetos que possam acumular água da chuva evita focos de reprodução dos transmissores da dengue.

O modo mais eficaz de combater a dengue é eliminar o transmissor.Para isso é necessário interromper o ciclo de vida do mosquito, comi descrito na ilustração abaixo.

Nas causas é preciso seguir estes cuidados :

.Manter a caixa-d'agua fechada com tampa.

.Limpar as calhas para a água em lajes ,garrafas, latas vasos e pneus.

.Não jogar lixo em terrenos baldios ,pois isso pode causar acúmulo de água.

.Lavar com escova e sabão vasos e tanques usados para armazenar água.

Apesar das campanhas realizadas pelo governo brasileiro, o numero de casos da dengue continua alto( veja o gráfico ao lado).
A dengue é hoje o principal epidemia no Brasil.O problemas se torna mais grave nas épocas em que chove e faz calor ,condições mais favoráveis para a reprodução do mosquito.

Além da dengue e da malária que são doença graves o mosquito Aedes aegypti ainda tem a capacidade de transmitir a chicunguinha e a zika que vem alastrando o pais inteiro causando varias consequências inclusive a morte .

Também temos os repelente que ajuda muito no combate das doenças transmitidas pelo mosquito da dengue.Use sempre um repelente  em 2 em 2 horas eles vão manter o mosquito da dengue longe de você.